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The brand name, populomobile, means "everyone's vehicle."

The inspiration for the birth of populomobile comes from my beloved German Shepherd, Awy.

Living with full affection and always being by people's side...

Drawing inspiration from her presence, I began to envision designing such a "vehicle" one day, and that's how the story began.

Therefore, the symbol mark of populomobile is derived from Awy. (Some people also see it as a fox, though...) -Atsuhiko Yamada, Founder of populomobile Ltd.

populo ONE Development Story  "The Populo ('people' in Latin) Supporting populomobile"

It was when we started designing populo One, the first bicycle of populomobile. In a Japan where the infrastructure for bicycle development and production was almost nonexistent, it seemed impossible to create an innovative bicycle like never before. We searched tirelessly for companies that seemed willing to cooperate, but most of them turned us down.

However, even in such circumstances, we held onto a thread of hope and continued our journey without giving up. A single word from someone, a phone call, unexpectedly pointed us in a new direction.

In our search, we miraculously encountered these wonderful Populo.

They possess remarkable experience, wisdom, and skills developed over many years, yet they never settle for just that. With the enthusiasm of a young boy, they fearlessly challenge new creations and overcome obstacles without ever giving up, no matter how many walls they encounter.

Monozukuri (the art of manufacturing) is only possible with people. The countless stories of these encounters remind us once again of the profound meaning behind it.

It is thanks to this encounter with the Populo that populomobile was born.

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