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Maruichi Metal

"We pay attention to every detail."

populomobile's side stand is crafted by Maruichi Metal Industries, a specialized bicycle stand manufacturer with an impressive 100-year history (※1). It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that this company has shaped the very concept of bicycle stands throughout its history.

The company's president, Mr. Yoshimura, says, "A stand is a discreet presence that is only needed when the bicycle is not in use, but without it, the bicycle cannot be utilized."

While there are numerous bicycle stands in the market, what we needed was one that has a sleek design while being incredibly sturdy. Everyday-use stands undergo constant strain, and anything less robust would simply not withstand it.

Combining elegance with strength proved to be quite a challenge. It may sound exaggerated, but after seeking around the world, we finally discovered this exceptional gem.

What surprised us even more was the delightful shape of the stand's tip. The part that touches the ground features a cute oval shape, with a slight waist-like indentation just above it. This design was created by Mr. Yoshimura's father, the previous president. Great care is taken to refine the delicate craftsmanship. It's so subtle that you might not notice it at first glance... almost like a small flower blooming in the field.

Mr. Yoshimura speaks with a joyful smile when discussing his father's work. Upon hearing this, I made the decision to collaborate with this company. It's a side stand with a compelling story that touches my heart.

DSCF7612 bh.jpg

Maruichi Metal, President

※1 Unfortunately, Maruichi Metal Industries withdrew from bicycle component production at the end of 2019. However, regarding the supply of side stands to populomobile, we have already conducted preliminary mass production and ensured an ample inventory.

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