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Free your mind, Design your future

populomobile was born in Kamakura, Japan in 2017, combining innovative ideas and solid craftsmanship to create new mobility.

Drawing upon years of experience as a car designer and the philosophy of automotive design, we have designed and developed a bicycle that is truly unique in the world.

Featuring an extremely simple design that complements any fashion, our bicycles have been crafted with beautiful proportions by eliminating unnecessary elements. We have pursued functionality to ensure ease of getting on and off, as well as high safety standards. Our bicycles are compact, easy to handle, provide an enjoyable and agile ride, and are built to last with the high-quality standards of Made in Japan.

Because they are meant for everyday use, we strive to create truly exceptional products that accompany you in those irreplaceable moments of life.

populomobile aims to be a partner that embraces your life and we aspire to weave together rich moments of time.

Atsuhiko Yamada

Founder, Creative Director, Designer

populomobile Ltd.

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