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"A Japanese bicycle handlebar that surpasses the world."

When I first visited President Yoshikawa at the Nitto Tokyo office, I was amazed by the handlebars I saw.

It looked like a sculptural work of art, despite being a bicycle handlebar.

It was an eye-opener how such beauty could be created through the simple act of bending a tube.

This reminded me of Japanese culture, such as Sashimi, Haiku, and Katana (Japanese swords).

The refined expression achieved through extreme simplification is only possible with the profound spirituality and advanced craftsmanship that supports it. I feel that in Nitto's handlebars.

In the world of racing and extreme sports, Nitto handlebars are trusted because of their precise craftsmanship, astonishing strength, and durability. 

We have adopted handlebars that have proven their performance in such a demanding world for everyday use bicycles. Some may call it excessive quality. However, we believe that their precision and durability enhance safety in everyday riding.

Moreover, this reliability is supported by handlebars that embody an elegant beauty sculpted through the experience of racing.

All of Nitto's products are made in Japan. Their factory is equipped with well-used processing machines, testing equipment, and various manufacturing facilities. Under the leadership and vision of President Yoshikawa, skilled male and female craftsmen, as well as the younger generation, create the world's finest products. It truly is a dream factory.

When you grasp the handlebars of poplomobile, I hope you take a moment to reflect on this story. - Atsuhiko Yamada, Founder of populomobile Ltd.

DSCF5163 bh.jpg

President, Nitto Ltd.

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