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Dia Compe

"A beautiful brake that transcends time"

Yoshigai Co., Ltd., a brake specialist that celebrates its 87th year since its establishment, with its product brand, Dia-Compe.

With a long history that proves reliability, high quality, and above all, beautiful design, there is a philosophy of stubbornly preserving timeless beauty without resorting to superficial model changes.

In fact, fans of Dia-Compe around the world admire this philosophy and its products, along with a certain sentiment... The belief that if something is good, it should be used for a long time, and if it is already sufficiently beautiful and functional, there is no need for change. It should always be there, offering its excellence without alteration. The brand vision that poplomobile strives for lies there.

In fact, Dia-Compe has been deeply involved in the development of populo ONE. Without the cooperation of President Yoshigai, who deeply understands the product of bicycles, populo ONE would not have come into existence.

Dia-Compe not only handles the brakes but also the fundamental performance of popluo ONE: 'running,' 'turning,' and 'stopping.' First, we cooperatively developed the front fork to ensure that anyone can ride comfortably and stably. The drive train (crank, hub, wheels, etc.) efficiently transmits pedaling power smoothly, and the distinctive Sturmey Archer 2 speed gear. And at the core of the Dia-Compe brand lies the trusted brake and its lever. The optional fenders (mudguards) are exclusively designed for popluo ONE.

It is said that President Yoshigai spent his childhood playing at the factory where his father managed. When you hold the parts that inherit the lineage of craftsmanship, you can feel that their beauty emanates not only from the surface but also from the deep roots rooted in history."



President, Yoshigai Co., Ltd.

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