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The stainless steel frame of populomobile features a unique and innovative design that is unparalleled in the world. It allows for easy mounting and dismounting even in formal attire, with a seamless and elegant finish that also offers exceptional durability. The engineers at Shinba Iron works have relentlessly pursued this achievement, employing a production method called 'double-tube ice bending.' With this groundbreaking concept and their expertise, they have achieved an incredibly simple frame design. The beautifully curved pipes are precisely cut with lasers and then assembled using robot welding, resulting in a finished product of exceptional quality.

ACAM1508 light-1.jpg

Laser engraving


High-precision welding by robots


The Master Welder (expert in welding) is the teacher of the welding robot


We create the highest quality frames using precision jigs

Manufactured by Shinba Iron Works

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