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Further enhance the functionality of your populomobile with exclusive optional parts. The rear carrier is a special specification made by NITTO known for its beautiful finish. The basket is made of stainless steel, durable and long-lasting. Both are Made in Japan. Each and every part is designed and crafted with attention to detail and quality.

Optional parts are available in conjunction with the purchase of bicycle. If you are already a populomobile owner and would like to purchase individual options, please kindly contact us by email or phone.

Rear career 

Incl. tax ¥26,400


populo ONE + Rear Career​


populo SMILE + Rear Career​


Rear carrier (made by NITTO) parts configuration

Rear career + Basket

Incl. tax ¥36,300


populo SMILE + Rear Career​ + Basket

Vibrant-colored bags complement the simple stainless steel basket well. *The orange bag shown in the image is not included


populo SMILE + Rear Career​ + Basket


Rear carrier (made by NITTO) + Basket (made of stainless steel) parts composition

Fender (Front & Rear)

Incl. tax ¥7,590

ACAM1581 1.1M-trimmed_1M.jpg
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