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The spirit of populomobile

Creating products that can be used for over 100 years... Bicycles are environmentally friendly products amidst the crisis of global warming. With proper maintenance, they can be used for more than a century. populomobile aims to become a lifelong companion for its users, passed down from generation to generation, from children to grandchildren.


populomobile bicycles are carefully assembled one by one at the workshop in Kamakura. Leading this effort is Mr. Daisaku Kadowaki.

Mr. Kadowaki serves as the factory manager of populomobile, as well as a test rider and a valuable advisor in product development.

Upon hearing rumors of an interesting bicycle shop called 'Hayama Bicycle Market', I visited there. I saw numerous beautifully displayed vintage bicycles from France and Italy. I was captivated by the artistic nature of these vintage collections at first glance.

I was deeply moved by Mr. Kadowaki's profound love for bicycles, as he explained, "Some of these bicycles have been in use for over a hundred years, and with proper maintenance, they can still be ridden perfectly today." His deep affection for bicycles, along with his unparalleled curiosity in bicycle craftsmanship and his perseverance in conducting hundreds of kilometers of test rides, left a lasting impression on me. When I asked him for his cooperation in the development of populomobile, he gladly agreed.

I believe that the initial development of the first bicycle, the "populo ONE," as well as its excellent performance, high quality, and safety, would not have been possible without Mr. Kadowaki's involvement. - Atsuhiko Yamada, Founder of populomoible Ltd.

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