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First-class riding with you and your beloved dog!

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Incl. tax ¥410,300

popuromobil's Doggy Mobile, AWY (Avi). AWY is an abbreviation for "Always with you." It was born with the concept of "always together" with your beloved dog.

The Doggy Mobile AWY, designed to carry both the owner and their beloved dog, prioritizes safety in its design. The U-shaped frame, a characteristic of populomobile, provides a low center of gravity, ensuring stable riding and easy on/off access. The doggy basket is attached at the rear, allowing for safe handling without being affected by the dog's weight. Even at the rear, the stylish small window allows for easy checking of the dog's condition. For parking (with the dog onboard), the wide stand helps prevent tipping. Despite its high stability, the design remains compact and sleek. Additionally, the rear light adopts a large automatic type that illuminates during nighttime rides or in tunnels, further enhancing safety.

The basket (made of rattan material) is of German origin, showcasing high quality and user-friendliness. The cage prevents the dog from jumping out, and the detachable cover protects the dog from rain, cold, and strong sunlight. The basket is equipped with a removable washable cushion to ensure a comfortable riding environment. There is also a "Dog on Board" sign on the back of the basket, indicating to others that a dog is onboard. Furthermore, the basket itself can be easily detached from the bicycle, allowing it to be used as a crate for transporting the dog.

Furthermore, its compact size allows for entry into apartment elevators (Note 1). From the room to the city, it offers seamless mobility for going out with your dog "door to door."

Always together on outings, spend precious time with your dog safely and beautifully with the Doggy Mobile AWY.


Note 1: Please note that depending on the rules and elevator size of the apartment, it may not be usable.

Regarding the weight of the dog: The Doggy Mobile AWY can accommodate dogs weighing up to 10 kg.

External dimensions of the basket (for reference): W52xH46xD36cm.

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Let's create wonderful memories today too!

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The U-shaped frame design allows for easy mounting and dismounting and provides a stable ride with a low center of gravity.

Final IMG_4516-4.jpg
Final IMG_4558-2.jpg

AWY & paw Decal (Made in Japan)

Final IMG_4565-3.jpg

​Dog on Board Sign (Made in Japan)

Final IMG_3861-3.jpg

Prevent tipping with a wide stand.
(Maruichi Metal, Made in Japan)

Large taillight that automatically lights up. Feel secure even during nighttime or in tunnels.
(CATEYE, Japan)

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Enjoy a comfortable ride with washable cushions (removable).

Final Mode-1.jpg

"Open Mode & Covered Mode

Final Mode-b1-1.jpg

Various opening and closing arrangements are possible

Final IMG_4291-4.jpg

Easily detachable from the bicycle with the bottom buckle, it can also be used as a stylish basket. (Rixen & Kaul, Germany)

Final IMG_3910-3.jpg
Final IMG_4321-2.jpg

Detach the basket with a single touch and go out in a light and agile style.

Final IMG_3978-5.jpg

Appeal that the dog is on board with the 'Dog on Board' sign.

Final IMG_4261-3.jpg

A simple design that matches any fashion and never gets old. The durable lifespan of the frame is environmentally friendly for long-term use.




Main frame: SIW Stainless Steel Frame (Japan)

Front Fork: Dia Compe (Japan)

Handle Bar: Nitto B622AA (Japan)

Grip:  Herrmans (Finland)

Stem: Nitto NTC-280 (Japan)

Headset: Dia Compe Classic 1" (Japan)

Bell: Knog Oi, Bronze (Australia) 

Brake Lever: Dia Compe SS6 (Japan)

Caliper Brake: Dia Compe BRS202 (Japan)

Saddle: Selle Royal, White (Italy)

Seat post: Dia Compe (Japan)

Seat clamp: Dia Compe (Japan)

Crankset: Dia Compe-First (Japan-Taiwan)

Chain:Dia Compe-KMC (Japan-Taiwan)

BB: Dia Compe-First (Japan-Taiwan)

Internal Gear Hub: Sturmey Archer 2 speed  (UK-Taiwan)

Wheel & Tire: Dia Compe/Duro (Japan/Taiwan)

Pedal: MKS CYGMA (Japan)

Pedal reflector: CATEYE (Japan)

Wheel reflector: CATEYE (Japan)

Front light: Herrmans (Finland)

Doggy Basket: Rixen & Kaul FA826 (Germany)

Rear career: Nitto (Japan)

Rear light: Cateye Reflex Auto (Japan)


Decal "AWY &  paw": Yamazaki Kogeisha (Japan)

Sign "Dog on Board": Pronate Inc. (Japan) 

Stand: Maruichi Metal (Japan)

Fender: Dia Compe (Japan)

(Please note that product designs, specifications, and other details are subject to       change without prior notice, so please kindly understand.)

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