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Delivery Method and Shipping Fee

At populomobile, we prioritize safety and quality. We adjust the saddle and handle height to fit your height and also adjust the length of the brake wires. We deliver the bicycles to our customers in a "fully assembled and optimal condition."

We have carefully selected shipping methods that ensure safe and reliable delivery. Therefore, there are some differences compared to regular courier services. Please take note of the following points before placing an order:

  • It takes approximately 4 days for the delivery to arrive after shipping.

  • The shipping fee varies depending on your residential area. (On the online shop, please select your prefecture during the purchase process, and the shipping fee will be displayed.)


Shipping Fee Examples (including packaging costs, excluding tax):

  • Tokyo: ¥15,300-

  • Aichi, Miyagi: ¥15,700-

  • Osaka: ¥16,800-

  • Hiroshima: ¥20,000-

  • Fukuoka: ¥21,300-

  • Sapporo: ¥22,800-

  • Okinawa: ¥33,500-


Please note that currently, we do not offer shipping to remote islands.

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